We Heart Track Part One: Places to Run in MKE

It’s that time of year when, no matter what distance you’re training for, you likely have speedwork on the docket. Fortunately for MKE runners, there’s no shortage of tracks in the area.

We recently asked about your favorite local tracks on Facebook. Here’s our round-up, including notes and recommendations from runners who regularly run at the facilities! Unless noted, the tracks are free to use.

Brown Deer High School
8060 N. 60th Street, Brown Deer
Notes: Restrooms next to the track are usually unlocked during the spring and summer. Easy access to neighborhood roads for warmup and cooldown miles.

Hart Park
7300 Chestnut Street, Wauwatosa
Notes: Bathrooms and a water fountain are available as well as easy access to paved paths outside the track facility.


Marquette University
Shimek Track & Field
1818 W. Canal Street

Menomonee Falls High School
W142 N8101 Merrimac Drive, Menomonee Falls

Nicolet High School
6701 N. Jean Nicolet Road, Glendale

Oak Creek High School
340 E. Puetz Road, Oak Creek
Notes: Only open to the public on Saturday mornings from 7-11am.

Pettit National Ice Center
500 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee
Cost: $4 for single admission/day pass; $2 for Badgerland Strider members
Notes: Bathrooms, water fountain, vending machines, showers and locker rooms are available.

Pettit National Ice Center TrackPhoto by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

Pulaski High School
2500 West, W. Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee

Riverside High School
1615 E. Locust Street, Milwaukee
Notes: A water fountain is located about a quarter mile away from the track at the Urban Ecology Center.

Riverside High School TrackPhoto by Sheila Wordell (she’s also the runner in the pic!)

Shorewood High School
1701 E. Capitol Drive, Shorewood
Notes: Port-a-potties located around the track for public use.

University of Wisconsin – Parkside
900 Wood Road, Kenosha

Waukesha South High School
401 E. Roberta Avenue, Waukesha, WI

Whitefish Bay High School
1200 E. Fairmount Avenue, Whitefish Bay
Notes: Water fountain located next to the track. Easy access to neighborhood roads for warmup and cooldown miles.

Know of a local track we should add to our list? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

Explore MKE With City Running Tours!

Now there’s a way to learn about our great city while also getting your run on.

Whether you’re looking for a guided route, a running partner or simply a change of pace, City Running Tours is the place to find it. Below, Tim Cigelske – aka The Beer Runner – tells us a bit about this brand-new Milwaukee business.

ScreenHunter_32 Aug. 11 09.31

For people who are unfamiliar with City Running Tours, can you talk a bit about the business and what it offers?
The name basically says it all. Lots of cities offer walking tours, biking tours, bus tours or boat tours. This one just happens to involve running while sightseeing. City Running Tours has been around for nine years, and is now in 16 cities coast to coast, from San Francisco to Washington, DC.

How did you get the idea to bring City Running Tours to MKE?
I heard about City Running Tours when it first launched in New York, and I was one of its first customers when it came to Chicago. I’ve always had the idea of bringing it to Milwaukee in the back of my mind. I recently reconnected again with the owner over Twitter, and that spawned a conversation about launching the Milwaukee chapter. We now have multiple tour guides from the Milwaukee running community.

Who do you see using this type of service?
Obviously, this is a good way for tourists, conference attendees or business travelers to see a different side of the city when they’re traveling. But it’s also a way to learn a lot about your own backyard. I’ve lived in Milwaukee for nearly 15 years but learned new facts while prepping for the Milwaukee History Tour and the Brew City Heritage Tour. You see the city with new eyes and appreciate the story behind things like the duck statue on Wisconsin Avenue or how a park got its name, which you may otherwise pass by without noticing.

Do you see running while away from home as intimidating for people? If so, what are the hurdles and how can City Running Tours help make running while traveling easier?
Definitely. I used to work at a hotel and guests always came to me to find running paths or runner-friendly routes. But it’s still easy to get lost and turned around, or you’re too wrapped up in paying attention to where you’re going to appreciate your new surroundings. So this way you have a guide that takes care of devising your routes and showcasing the city while getting in your workout.

Why might even MKE natives want to try a service like City Running Tours?
To add to my previous answer, running tours are also good for group outings and get-togethers. You could tie into a bachelor or bachelorette party, workplace outing or happy hour for tours that end at the beer garden or Sprecher Brewery. You and your friends get to earn your beer.

Can you tell us a bit about the Group Running Tours? How did you select the routes? What should participants expect concerning paces, etc?
I started using my own favorite routes after nearly 15 years of running around Milwaukee. I use running to explore places myself. Based on popular tours in other cities, the beer and history tours were a no-brainer. I also wanted to showcase our lakefront and the totally underrated river trails. We cater to any jogging pace and offer multiple tour guides for larger groups. I’m always open to new tour ideas if anyone has them for me!

What should people know about the Personalized Running Tours?
It’s like having your own personal running coach, if your coach happens to share interesting tidbits about the city while running. A guide meets you and leads you 1-on-1 on a tour personalized for you. This is a popular option for business travelers or those on a schedule who want to customize their distance, pace and location.

Can you tell us a bit about the corporate and social sightrunning options?
The corporate events provide the customization that the personal tours offer, but on a larger scale. Conferences or business outings can choose their themes, days, starting times, etc and have multiple tour guides host them.

How can people connect with City Running Tours?
All of the place! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @TheBeerRunner.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Tim! City Running Tours sounds like a great addition to the city and we look forward to trying one of the tours!

MKE runners: What is your favorite route to run in MKE?

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

Lake Michigan Trail Marathon Will Offer Two Course Runs

Mark your calendars, MKE – the Lake Michigan Trail Marathon is hosting two course runs in the upcoming weeks. This is your chance to get familiar with the race course and also enjoy some time with your fellow runners!


Here are the details for meetups:

Dates: Saturday, July 12 and Saturday, August 9

Time: 7 am

Location: Sheridan Drive, in front of the Patrick Cudahy statue

Details: Participants can choose between two options: the south loop, which is about 9.5 miles and the entire course, which is about 15.5 miles. Both courses will be marked and there will be water and sports drink at the start, 9,5 mile mark and the finish. Runners are encouraged to bring their own beverages for during the run. A course leader will run with the group, around a 9:00-9:30 min/mile pace.

For more information about the Lake Michigan Trail Marathon or the upcoming course runs, visit www.lakemichiganmarathon.com.

That’s it for today – We look forward to seeing you at the course runs!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

Seen on the Run – Whitnall Park Edition

Recovery miles are meant for taking your time and enjoying the ride. This time, we took a lap around Whitnall Park to enjoy the crisp fall air and the beautiful – still green – park sights.

Here are a few things we saw:

photo(7)Welcome to Whitnall Park!

photo(2)First, let’s tackle the hill to the Botanical Gardens . . .

photo(6)Remember, after making it to the top of the hill, you get to run down!

photo(5)A mini waterfall seems like the perfect spot for a quick break

photo(4)Choose your own adventure

photo(6)The road stretches on and on and on

photoIt’s hard to see in this pic, but a family of geese were enjoying the day!

photo(3)What a beautiful, picturesque route!

What have you seen on the run lately? Tell us in the comments or share a pic on our Facebook page!

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