Let’s Get to Know … Annie Weiss

You met Annie about a month ago when we featured Fit With Food Consulting. Now’s your chance to get to know a bit more about the runner behind the business.

Annie recently placed 5th at the Black Canyon 100k in Arizona, her first attempt at the distance. We’re so impressed with her transition from the roads to the trails – and below she tells us how she did it!












Age: 30
Years running: 5-6 years
Favorite workout: Long runs!
Favorite distance to race: 50 miler
Pre-race routine: So easy – I just wake up, and go!!! I get ready the night before – clothes and gear all laid out, glide in the AM and lace up!
Favorite post-race treat: Burger. Definitely a burger.
Must-have gear: Hydration pack and my Altras.


How did you get started with running?
Honestly, I was sick of going to the gym to workout. One summer day in 2008, I said to myself, I think I’ll go for a run. And then I just kept going.

Do you have a quote or philosophy that inspires your running?
“Miles Make Champions.” Another runner said that to me during my first ultra and it has stuck with me ever since.

What does a typical training week look like for you?
I’m currently starting my next training period, so right now just building up the miles. I do 1-2 workouts per day. Typically one is easier than the other. The easier one will be weight training, spinning or hiking with a backpack of weight at a 15 percent incline. The other workout is a run that varies in intensity, speed and length. My miles per week range from 40-80.

sm20140126_000447_img_0093Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

How did you get into trail and ultrarunning? And what was the transition like moving from the roads to the trails?
I got into it when a running mate told me that I have the potential to get to Western States. So I started to run ultras. After about two years of injuries and having to stop running for a bit, I am finally back and going full force to achieve my goals. The transition from roads to trails wasn’t too challenging for me, but it all depends on your goals. A couple of years ago, my goal was an Olympic qualifying time. It would not help my road racing to stay on the trails; just like road racing now doesn’t help my trail goals.

How is trail running different from road running? And, do your racing strategies differ when doing a trail race versus a road race?
It is so different! You have to have extremely strong stabilizer muscles, be able to slow down quite a bit, and tap into your aerobic capacity for long periods of time. Lots of patience and strength are needed – physically and mentally. It’s a completely different beast. My racing strategies differ completely – in trail running, the tortoise will always win.

What is the longest distance you’ve raced? How did you find the strength to push through the final miles?
Longest right now is the 50 miler [Note: since this interview, Weiss raced a 100k], and this year, I have a 100k and 100 miler scheduled. I find the strength to keep pushing because I love the feeling of crossing a finish line – I always keep that feeling in mind.


Will you continue to focus on trail and ultrarunning or are more road races in your future?
There are no road races in my future, unless coach says so! Right now, I will remain on the trails and completing ultra distances. When I attempt to make one of the national ultra teams, I’ll be back on the roads, but I have a little time for that.

Do you currently work with a coach? If so, how has that relationship helped strengthen your running?
I do currently work with a coach. I have worked with ThunderDome Running in the past – AWESOME for road racing. And I have also worked with Zach Bitter – another awesome coach! Based on my current goals, I am working with Tommy Rivers. My relationship with him has driven my motivation out the roof. He is incredible to work with.

Where are your favorite places to run in Milwaukee?
My favorite places in Milwaukee include the lakefront for sure! I run the back trails of Tosa once in a blue moon, but do nearly all of my running in the Northern and Southern Kettle and Lapham Peak. Also, Nashota Park, Pike Lake and anywhere there are woods.


What are your favorite Milwaukee races and what do you like about them?
When I was road running, Run into the New Year was always a blast! On the ultra side of things – Ice Age and Kettle are two of my favorites!

What are your running goals for the upcoming year?
My goals for this year include building up my endurance again and avoiding injury. Pending the next two years, we will pick a distance that I excel at and attempt the National Team. Long-term goal is to make the Altra Team.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Annie! If you’d like to learn more about Annie or Fit With Food Consulting, you can connect here:

Website: http://www.fitwithfoodconsulting.com/

Blog: https://aniweiss.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ani_weiss

If you’re a runner in MKE, we’d love to chat with you. Send us an email at keeprunningmke@gmail.com if you’d like to be featured or know someone who should be featured in an upcoming Let’s Get to Know . . . post.

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

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