Tips for Racing at the Pettit

Will this weekend be your first time racing at the Pettit National Ice Center indoor track? Or perhaps it’s been awhile and you need a little refresher course.

sm20140126_010646_img_1584Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

We recently asked a few local runners for their best tips for racing at the Pettit. Whether you’re doing the marathon, half marathon, 5k or relay event, their tips will help you perform your best on race day:

“I would say divide your goal time by the number of laps to figure out what you need to average per lap. Then use the same fixed object (that is easy to see) to check your own lap times each time around; the video screen can be very difficult to read at speed!” – Richard Dodd

“Try not to think of the whole race at once; breaking it into smaller segments makes the laps go by quicker. If I’m doing a shorter race, I just imagine myself doing a speed workout with my friends.” – Angie Smith

“Having something warm to drink will help with Pettit lung and bring some cough drops.” – Sara Brozek

“In the relay, our team broke it into two-lap segments for each runner last year – you can run quicker and have less “down” time.” – Steve Pavlik

“I set my Garmin to show the average lap time and then hit the lap button every time I go around. I’ll have a number that I never want to see the average dip below.” – Tracey Gessner

“Constantly look up and ahead. So many times at the Pettit it is easy to look only five feet in front of you or at the shoes of another runner right in front of you. Doing periodic look-ups and checks way ahead (especially looking to the corners) will help in not getting lulled into a slower pace when you begin to tire. Plus you can BREATH better when you are NOT looking down!” – Matt Thull

“Best scenario is to concentrate/or perfect your form/stride because you don’t have to combat outside factors of weather/hills.” – Sheila Wordell

“Make sure to take advantage of the ability to take fluids or gels every lap (not that you should take something every lap). You should go in with a plan and let your volunteer at the table know that plan prior to the race.” – Chris Ponteri

“Have a plan with hydration. Because it’s there every lap, it is oddly easy to forget. I like to get fluids every 10 to 12 laps and keeping track gives my little brain something to do.” – Mary Flaws

“What I like to do is bring a TV tray table and set it up along the wall in an open area. There I will put whatever I might possibly need for the race – GU, water, salt, bananas, Body Glide/Vaseline, etc. It is then available to me every lap without me having to ask for it and I don’t have to bend down to search and get it out of my bag.” – Bill Schneider

MKE runners: What’s your best tip for racing at the Pettit?

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

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