Introducing … The Milwaukee Running Festival!

Today is a great day for the MKE running community. For all of you that have been saying our city needs a major marathon … that day is here!

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Today, Chris Ponteri, Executive Director of Milwaukee Marathon, Inc., announced the inaugural Milwaukee Running Festival. The 2015 event will take place Oct. 30-Nov. 1 and will include a marathon, half marathon, 5K and one-mile race. All races will be staged entirely within the city of Milwaukee and the marathon will be the first to be routed entirely through the city of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods and landmarks.

“We’re excited to be able to showcase the neighborhoods and landmarks that make Milwaukee such a vibrant place to live,” said Ponteri. “This event will attract people from all over the country and offers a unique experience to runners of all ages, experience levels and abilities.”

Milwaukee’s Summerfest grounds will serve as the start and finish area for the marathon and half marathon. Along the way, runners will travel through Milwaukee neighborhoods, including Downer Avenue, Brady Street, Brewers’ Hill/Commerce Street, East Town, West Town, Sherman Park, Walker’s Point, the Third Ward and others. The proposed route also passes a host of landmarks, including Miller Park, the Harley-Davidson Museum, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette University and The Milwaukee Art Museum. The 5K and one-mile races will be staged in downtown Milwaukee.

The event will benefit more than just local runners – Ponteri believes the festival will have a significant positive economic impact on the city. “In cities such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis, the combination of a marathon and half marathon has led to significant economic benefits,” Ponteri said. “Studies have shown that the economic impact of a marathon alone is $800 per participant. Depending on the total number of participants, the Milwaukee Running Festival’s economic impact on the city of Milwaukee and area businesses should easily run into the millions of dollars.”

Milwaukee Running Festival is also putting a major emphasis on charitable partnerships, with a goal of contributing $250,000 to partner charities during its inaugural year. Charities that are approved as partners will receive assistance with fundraising and recruitment efforts.

Online registration for Milwaukee Running Festival opens December 8. To learn more about the event, you can connect here:




So there you have it – the latest on the newest MKE race!

Runners: What are your thoughts on the news? And who’s excited to sign up for one – or maybe two or three – of the race distances? Tell us everything and more 🙂

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

9 thoughts on “Introducing … The Milwaukee Running Festival!

  1. Sounds awesome! Being from WI, I would love to come back and run this race.

  2. I know the marathon is a huge deal, but I’m also excited for another one-mile race… especially a late-season offering!

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  6. Tried to click on the link for the website, however the website doesn’t seem to be working properly. I tried to enter my email so I could get updates and that didn’t work. I also tried to click on the links for the individual races and the registration but those don’t seem to work properly either. Hoping it gets fixed soon 🙂

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