Improve Your Running With Wild Workouts and Wellness!

Ask a runner what his or her goal is for fall and it will likely include going longer or going faster. Amber Budahn and Wild Workouts and Wellness help runners accomplish both.

Below, Amber chats with us about the training, workouts and programs offered at Wild Workouts and Wellness, along with how they can help improve your running!

Can you tell us a bit about the services offered at Wild Workouts?
Our Semi-Private Personal Training is the perfect blend of getting the attention of a private training session while enjoying the fun and support of a group. These workouts accommodate between two to six people so the coach can offer workout individuality to best suite each person’s needs and goals.

Our boot camp workouts utilize kettlebells, bands, body weight, high intensity cardio intervals and much more. I like to call it the workout party because it’s the best of a guided workout and a supportive group environment that is fun and encourages you to push to your best.

Our Fitness Programs give our current clients a way to add some different or specialized training to their workout program. But people that don’t belong to Wild also really enjoy these programs to receive specialized training for an event or sport they are training for. Some of the fitness programs we offer are: Run Wild Interval Training, Couch to 5K, Tough Mudder Training, Triathlon Training, Kettlebell Kamp, Cycle and Strength, and more. These programs run anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks depending on the event.

What do the programs focus on and who are they geared toward?
Our semi-private personal training is for someone that really wants an individualized workout experience. They may be new to exercise, have an injury or just really want extra attention. The small group provides a welcoming environment that allows the coach to really fine tune the workout to each person in the group.

Our boot camp workouts are high energy and fun. This is for the person that thrives in a motivating group environment, yet still gets the coaching, corrections and exercise modifications so that they can work at their own level.

Our fitness programs allow people to train for specific events or skills. These sessions focus on “quality” workouts, such as running, biking intervals or specified training, so that an individual can finish an event, set a personal best, or get the push they need from a coach and a training group.


Where are the workouts held?
The boot camp, semi-private and personal training sessions are held at the Wild Workouts and Wellness studio located at 3056 S. Delaware Avenue in Bay View. Our Fitness Programs are held at different outdoor locations like Humboldt Park, South Shore Park and Cupertino Park.

Why are programs, such as the Run Wild program, great for runners who are trying to get faster?
Run Wild Interval Program has been a growing program over the past 6 years. I have three groups: Pink, Blue and Green that offer different volumes and intensities. This program has been great for both new and experienced runners. Our group is usually 30+ people so everyone at every level has someone to run with.


For new runners, this is a perfect place to start. Since you are running short intervals, it’s a great way to work on proper running form without the risk and frustration new runners often find when trying the sport.
For my experienced runners, they have the chance to work with a group on intervals. Let’s face it; intervals are tough to do alone. Here you have coaches timing you and other runners pushing you to run hard.

What results do participants typically see after completing a Run Wild program?
My new runners get stronger. They can begin to start running on their own outside of the interval workouts.

I always hear about major PR’s! Why? Because many experienced runners can log miles, but don’t get in the quality, intense running intervals it takes to get faster.

My adventure racers that like to do Tough Mudder and Dirty Girl feel strong on the run component of those events.

How long do the sessions run and what do the next ones start?
A session lasts 8 weeks, with the option to attend a Tuesday morning interval running workout at 5:30am or a Thursday evening workout at 6:00pm. The next session starts the week of July 10th. Sign up is online at

Can you tell us a bit more about you – what is your athletic background and what made you decide to start Wild Workouts and Wellness?
I started running in high school. I ran track all four years and cross country my senior year. That year I won the conference meet, set numerous school records and got offered a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

In college, I ran cross country and track. At UW-Parkside, I was a six-time NCAA All-American and multiple-time conference and regional champion. In October 2014, I will be inducted in the UW-Parkside Athletic Hall of Fame.

At UW-Parkside I got into the sport of Race-Walking where I was a two-time NAIA National Champion and three-time Olympic Trials Qualifier in 2000, 2004 and 2008. I also won four USATF National Championships and was on a World Cup Team, Pan American Games Team, Pan Am Cup Team and World University Games Team.

After graduating from UW-Parkside with a B.S in Biology and Chemistry, I moved out to the Olympic Training Center. While living at the Training Center, I started working at a local YMCA. I decided that I wanted to get into personal training because of my love of fitness and my health science background.

Eleven years later, I am still in the fitness industry. I opened Wild Workouts and Wellness three years ago. Wild Workouts and Wellness has gone from 50 clients to more than 200 in three years.

My mission is to help people live healthier, happier and fuller lives through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I absolutely love it!

Thanks for chatting with us, Amber! If you’re interested in learning more about Wild Workouts and Wellness, you can connect here:

Phone: 414.364.0181

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

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