What’s Next, Runners?

Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe we woke up to snow flurries this morning? Granted the snow is light and probably won’t stick, but still – November seems a tad early. Then again, we’re in Wisconsin and pretty much anything goes!

By this point, you’ve probably run your goal fall race. Congrats – completing a race of any distance is a great accomplishment! You definitely deserve a break after all that intense summer and fall training, but are curious – how will you spend the winter months?

Let us know in the poll below!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

6 thoughts on “What’s Next, Runners?

  1. Technically I’m training for a spring marathon but winter running. I run year round and love it! I too could do without snow in November 🙂

  2. i voted for the cookies because none of the others really applied… i’m training for a marathon that i plan to run in april. the trailbreaker… it looks super fun!

  3. My marathon is in May so I won’t be getting into my training too much during the really cold winter months, but I’m still going to try to keep my long runs around 8-10 miles every Saturday.

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