Seen on the Run – Whitnall Park Edition

Recovery miles are meant for taking your time and enjoying the ride. This time, we took a lap around Whitnall Park to enjoy the crisp fall air and the beautiful – still green – park sights.

Here are a few things we saw:

photo(7)Welcome to Whitnall Park!

photo(2)First, let’s tackle the hill to the Botanical Gardens . . .

photo(6)Remember, after making it to the top of the hill, you get to run down!

photo(5)A mini waterfall seems like the perfect spot for a quick break

photo(4)Choose your own adventure

photo(6)The road stretches on and on and on

photoIt’s hard to see in this pic, but a family of geese were enjoying the day!

photo(3)What a beautiful, picturesque route!

What have you seen on the run lately? Tell us in the comments or share a pic on our Facebook page!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

2 thoughts on “Seen on the Run – Whitnall Park Edition

  1. That looks like a beautiful route!!

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