Seen on the Run – Milwaukee Lakefront Edition

Although we won’t make it a habit to take pics every few minutes in the manner of a tourist, some runs are just too beautiful not to document. Here are a few things we recently saw along one of our favorite Lakefront routes:

photo(3)Not even the geese were up yet to swim in the lagoon

photo(7)This path is usually packed with runners, walkers and cyclists.

photo(6)The ducks love a morning sunrise!

photo(2)Perfectly peaceful behind Discovery World

photo(5)Looking out from the Discovery World pier

photoOnly a few fishermen out this morning by the lighthouse

photo(4)Seagulls flock to the Lakeshore Park beach

photo(1)So sparkly in the early morning sun

photo(8)About the only time of day you’ll find the bike path completely clear

What have you seen on the run lately? Tell us in the comments or upload a pic to our Facebook page!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

2 thoughts on “Seen on the Run – Milwaukee Lakefront Edition

  1. Awesome…too many times I just “run” and dont look around! Strange how many things i seem to miss. Thanks for sharing the cool pics.

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