Can You Ever Have Too Many Running Shoes?

You know you’re a runner . . . when you’re way more excited about the new fall running shoes than the new fall fashions.

We recently salivated over took a look at the Runner’s World Fall 2013 Shoe Guide and as always it got us excited about adding to our ever-expanding wardrobe of running shoes. Between trainers, lightweight trainers, flats, trail shoes, spikes, etc., is it ever possible to have too many pairs of shoes? Our answer is a simple, “Never!”

So today’s poll is focused on running shoes – specifically, how many are in your current rotation? Whether it’s one, three, or – gulp – a dozen pairs, share what’s in your closet!

And don’t forget – you can shop a great variety of running shoes at Performance Running Outfitters – our favorite local spot for the best gear!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

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