Race for the Bacon Recap

It’s settled: Race for the Bacon is well on its way to becoming an MKE race you just can’t miss.

sm20130801_182946_img_0026Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

This year’s race was held at Sheridan Park (last year’s location was State Fair Park) and included a flat course that ran through the park and along Lake Drive.

There was plenty of Patrick Cudahy bacon to go around. A bacon aid station was located halfway through the course and runners received a box of bacon upon crossing the finish line. After catching their breath, runners pigged out at the Bacon Bash, which featured bacon-themed treats such as bacon sandwiches, bacon pasta salad, BLT dip and even bacon brownies!

sm20130801_183426_img_0070Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

sm20130801_193346_img_0025Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

Gino’s Gypsies rocked out while runners socialized and munched on bacon treats. Next up, the awards ceremony!

This year’s overall male winner was Matt Thull (also last year’s 10k winner). Before the race, he told us he was doing the race as a fun workout, but even without going all out, he easily won the race. One spectator was even overheard exclaiming “He beat everyone – even the wheelchairs that started before the runners!” Our question is, are there any MKE runners that can beat him? We’re not so sure . . .

sm20130801_183730_img_0088Thull racing to another overall win

Photo by Bill Flaws – Running in the USA

Matt Hibbard (New Berlin) and Andrew Hirsch (Brookfield) rounded out the male top three overall.

Allison Arndt (Franklin) edged out last year’s female winner, Jennifer Chaudoir (Green Bay), to take home the female overall title. Danielle Macareno (Kenosha) took 3rd.

One of our favorite things about races like this one is seeing familiar faces along the course. Spotted by Keep Running MKE:

  • Mary Flaws and Tracey Gessner – these ladies are unstoppable. Both raced all three half marathon heats at last weekend’s Heatbreaker and still managed to run away with Age Group wins last night.
  • Jeff Dallmann, looking strong and on his way to an Age Group win.
  • Anne Munkwitz, Sara Kohlbeck, Renee Hill, Jennifer Hubbartt, Carrie Hayne and Sara Johansen cruising around the mile 2.x turnaround area.
  • Trae and Jessica Hoepner from Performance Running Outfitters at the finish line and handing out bottles of water to tired, but happy, runners.
  • The Boss Hog who was overseeing everything and made sure the event was a great success.

We had a blast at this event and are already looking forward to next year’s race. Make sure you get this one on your 2014 race schedule – it’s not to be missed!

Keep Running MKE – you’re doing great!

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